Is This The Minimalist Home Design 2015?

Just like fashion, each year minimalist home design also changed both in terms of concept, colors, materials selection, and interior. But it seems in 2015 home with minimalist concept will still dominate, given the diminishing availability of land makes people think to create a home that is simple yet comfortable and modern. If you look at 2014, the design of the house mostly only be varied with the color game, maybe in the year 2015 which adds a lot of ornaments and decorations such as rocks.

Source Picture: desainrumahminimalis

Characteristics minimalist house will stick with gray, black, and white. Although there are many people who apply another color, but for 2015 is estimated to be the color trend is still gray, black, and white both the interior and exterior of the house, because this color is able to show the impression of a more elegant and modern. Although now it appears many home with unique design, maybe in the year 2015 there will be more variety.

Smart home concept will appear, as rapid technological advances, of course, be many new innovations for a dwelling. For example the use of thermostats, digital locks, traffic sensors and others. The use of grass will be replaced, it is the presence of grass on the lawn can be soothing eye, but if it rains sometimes cause puddles grass, minimalist house design in 2015 may be selected natural stones to replace the grass, as a means greening may be applicable hydroponic system.
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