Simple and easy to clean home windows

Glass windows of the house are often easy to get dirty. Especially if it is on the edge of the highway, of dust and vehicle fumes will easily contaminate the glass windows of the house. How to clean the glass window of the house seem trivial but difficult to do. Sometimes clean the glass window into the activities ominous Because seem trivial but it is difficult to remove droppings. If easily removed even sometimes glass windows of the house is easy to get dirty again. To overcome this we provide the following tips to clean the glass window.  

Simple Ways to Clean Glass Window

How to clean the glass window is easiest when the weather is overcast or cloudy no rain. When the weather is cloudy or rainy glass will easily come back dirty Because exposed to splashing rain or dust. If it is hot, we clean the glass former dry easily even form a line that looks dirty. Hence Clean the glass with movement up and down. Work from the top of the window and then below it and so on. With the start of work on the glass top part you can remove scars spotting traces of water left behind by a cloth to clean the glass.

How to clean the glass window of the house to make it easier you can use a mixture of vinegar and water. This mixture can be used with the composition of two tablespoons of white vinegar and one liter of water. In this way the glass of your house will look radiant and really clear. Besides looks so clean vinegar can eliminate germs on the glass. Besides vinegar materials that can be used is the juice of the lemon. The juice can be used to replace vinegar.

Next step for window treatments is to use a soft cotton to rub the glass. Dry cotton cloth used to clean glass from dirt dirt that can scratch the glass. How to clean with a circular motion while wiping the glass. Also do not forget also to use safe equipment for both personal health and for the cleanliness of the glass. If the stain is stubborn enough then use a stain glass cleaning fluid. Similarly Use gloves when you clean the glass. It is important to avoid harmful substances when cleaning the glass.
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