16 Creative Ways To Hide Easter Eggs For Your Children

For children and teenager, the Easter day is one special holiday that has been waited for, especially for the Easter eggs hunt. The memory of searching the Easter eggs with our friends and siblings is the best memory that is drawn strongly in children brain because this old tradition are held repeatedly every year to celebrate and party. This game is not only fun for children, but it actually helps children to develop the social interaction and become more aware of their surroundings. There are many places you can hide the Easter eggs before the hunt is started this is 16 creative ways to hide Easter eggs you probably want to know.

First place of 16 creative ways to hide Easter eggs is in the real bird nest. Because the area of hiding the eggs are not limited only indoor, then the first place you should place the egg is in the bird nest which will help them learn that the egg are produced by bird. Second, if you have fireplace, place the egg underneath the ashes. Third, is in the children’ toy box even though this will be the first place they search. Four, as children like to explore you can place the egg in the attic. Five, is in the egg carton inside refrigerator. Six, is in empty coffee mug. Seven, is in cereal box that they will surely find. Eight, is inside the exhaust pipe. Nine is under the bed. Ten is in cookie jar. Eleven is in the teapot. This will quite difficult if you put the teapot out the reach of children. Twelve is in computer desk.
Thirteen is in the microwave. Fourteen is in their shoes or slipper. Fifteen is underneath the sofa edges. And, the last 16 creative ways to hide Easter eggs is in the ceiling fan.
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